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jackie liu

art · design · code

hi my name is jackie!

I'm a soon-to-be-graduating senior at MIT studying computer science and design. I make things out of (but not limited to) paint, code, and tears.

Recently I was a product design intern at Girls Who Code, working on tools to help girls become interested in pursuing computer science. I've also been a web engineering intern at Formlabs and an undergrad researcher in the MIT Media Lab.

I love exploring the blurry intersection of art and technology, and am particularly interested in themes of human intimacy, personal expression, and social change. I'd say my high-level goal for my work - in design, art, and programming - is to reclaim tech culture as a space for softness, sensitivity, and empowerment.

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here is some featured work!

Girls Who Code

Designing and prototyping an integrated learning and community platform for girls in computer science as a product design intern at Girls Who Code.

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A short animated film about a lost relationship and revisiting some mixed (text) messages.

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Musings of online intimacy and communication in the form of an interactive visualization of Markov-chain-interpreted Facebook messages with an ex.

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put (a happy little tree) there

A magical, interactive Bob Ross-inspired painting game by Bob Ross that lets you create landscape compositions by pointing and speaking.

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additional work

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