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interactive art / playthings

art works that are interactive!

instagram-approved nudez editor

A client-side JavaScript app that lets you make NSFW pictures (i.e., ones containing the female nipple) safe for social media platforms like Instagram - by letting you put pepperoni over nipples, and cheese over anything else that needs to be censored. Made at Stupid Hackathon 2017.

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u succ!!!

An unkind app I made over a few hours at HackMIT, featuring an angry succulent that derides you with plant-based puns. Hoping to eventually make the click interaction less buggy and expand on the repertoire of horticultural insults :')

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return gaze;

An interactive, motion-sensitive Flash painting for my MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design final project (December 2014).

Engaging with the concept of "male gaze", which influences the objectification of women in both fine arts and pop culture imagery, I created an interactive painting in attempt to play with this idea subversively by programming the eyes to follow your movement using a webcam motion-tracking plugin.

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